The Most WTF Moments of UAAP CDC 2014

It’s been weeks since the UAAP CDC but I still have the fever of it. But have you seen the funny part of it? I know you’ll laugh out too.

Black Helios PH


Before I finally end my day, I just want to share this hilarious meme compilation that I saw online from the recently concluded UAAP CDC 2014.

Let’s all forget NU’s so-so performance (but the hell, they still nailed it! Henry Sy’s wealth and power might have intervened, thank you so much!) and UP’s winning streaks and #pantaypantay theme (bias is the name), make things a little lighter, just laugh and enjoy!

cdc meme13

cdc memes10

cdc memes11

cdc memes12

cdc  meme3

cdc meme2

cdc meme4

cdc meme5

cdc meme6

cdc meme7

cdc meme8

cdc meme9

My personal favorite, I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw this. LOL Go UE!!

cdc memes1

Thank you to those who created and posted these memes. You made our nights crazy! 🙂

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A Peek in Silip@Lente

From a small film organization that started last 2011, Silip@Lente had evolve into being one of the most active organization in Adamson University.

Silip@Lente is a film organization at Adamson University that helps and trains aspiring filmmakers, writers, producers, and even editors. It has gathered 200 members  for this year which was helped by 30 officers.

Silip@Lente or Silip held seminars and invites speakers in the field of film making to discuss certain things that students need to know and understand. Silip always makes sure that the speakers they invite we’re professionals and willing to share their knowledge to aspiring students. And last August 19, Silip@Lente held its first seminar called Deep Focus. One of the speakers that was present in the event is Director Gino M. Santos. A young director that is known for his this year’s entry at Cinemalaya, #Y, who talked about taking risks and pursuing dreams no matter how young or old you are.


For more information about Silip@Lente, kindly visit their facebook account.

5 Things I Hate Being A Young-Adult

Being young-adult is not easy. You’re in between of being responsible and carefree. And since I’ve managed to survive this stage, here are some lessons I learned as a beginner in adulthood.

1. The expectations. Some people might say that I’m old enough to do certain things. But my parents think otherwise. They believe that I’m still young to be where I want to be, but yet they expect me to be independent when it comes to decision making. And what I hate more is that they expect me to stand up for myself yet they get furious when I try to express my sentiments to them.

2. Feeling ‘In Between’. Young-adult. You’re in between of living life to the fullest and being the responsible adult, tell me who doesn’t get confused with that. And there’s the feeling of being old with younger people, and feeling too young with the much more older peeps.

3. The Harsh Reality of Love. This is the time I really noticed that it’s hard to fall in love. I see it with my friends and even with people my same age. Not because you’re not in the age pool anymore, but because you finally learn the harsh reality of love. You finally learn what you did before and regret it because you had make yourself a fool. And probably because you’ve been through a lot that you finally know what you want, what you need, and what you deserve but there’s the harsh reality. You just cant have it because you can’t see any of it.

4. Moving On. Wait. I didn’t mean romantically. I mean, moving on from what we used to appreciate and what we used to be. Like moving on form the cartoons we used to watch every morning of the weekends and/or being the superhero you always wanted to be. We have to move on from them so we can be the adult person they expect us to be.

5. The Responsibilities. Let me clear one thing first; I don’t hate responsibilities. What I hate is that I don’t seem to know what they really are. I’ve mention that in between feeling and the expectations. It’s like that. People give you responsibilities but they have always two reaction with it.  And it’s always ‘you should do that’ and ‘you shouldn’t do that.’ Like really? Ano po ba talaga?


And that’s one of the many (maybe) reason why I’m in the phase of too much procrastination. I’m confused, y’all. So better not do anything until I have to do something.